Recent updates


We had previously removed the rear package shelf, it was warped and badly damaged by exposure to weather. We built and new one and covered it with new vinyl. For not we have not added the rear speakers back to the vehicle.

Welcome back, we have taken a little time off from our restoration of the celica sunchaser. Currently we are putting the interior back together. We originally wanted to restore the existing dash pad, however it was beyond repair. So we found a used one in great shape, but it was tan. So we used some napa vinyl paint and now it is black and ready for install. Next up we will be working on the package shelf. Should have more results soon. For those of you wanting to repaint a dash pad, here is what we did. First we cleaned it with adhesive remover. Then we cleaned it with sem vinyl prep, in spray can form. And then painted it. turned out great.


Working on the other side b pillar inside trim. Again notice the date written in on the backside. And then our Honda master tech Alan Miller is working his magic on rejuvenating the top weatherstrips. He is using a unique compound supplied used by Honda and it works great.


Working on the interior, removing the b pillar trim and reattaching the vinyl to the support board. Notice the February 13th 1981 date on the back of the passenger side board. Also the really cool Griffith crest. Pretty cool !


Project C is back from Jack’s Body Shop and it looks great ! we have made a little progress to in a few days since it has returned. We have the lights installed, all the front grille, emblems and bezels installed. We also got the passenger door put back together. Everything is coming together!








Currently the car is at Jack’s body shop.


Today we took it for several test drives, filled it up with gas and took it to jack’s body shop. We decided to keep it original and paint it silver. So we look forward to updates from jack’s and then we can get it to the upholstery shop for the convertible top install.


So a long time coming, we have the engine together and it fired right up! so we have to attach the hood and go over a few vacuum lines, actually fill the gas tank and it will be off to Jack’s body shop here in the Dalles. There is also a picture of the old fuel pickup screen in the tank and the new pickup screen in the tank. And then there is the proud technicians Randy and David being visited by sales professional Casey Kla


Good news, Bad news. So we got a chance to get the battery charged and to try and start the car. Overall it went pretty well. It fired right up, bad news, it isn’t getting enough fuel. So we had to drop the fuel tank and clean out the pick up tube, we also found that the pickup tube screen was totally gone! That could be a problem, so a couple of new fuel tank gaskets and a new pickup screen Thursday and we should maybe be test driving and sending it off to the body shop.


So here we have the parts manager Mike Swartz working on taking the reveal molding, door handle and lock cylinder off to get the car ready for paint. Engine is almost ready to go, just a few more wires to be hooked up and we will be trying to start it up. Check out the cool factory markings on the back of the door panel, since it is in English I’m thinking that is from the Griffith conversion company and not the factory in Japan.


We have been working on continuing the engine installation. While Dave Curl has been shouldering a lot of this job he has been getting some help from Brandon Mead and of course everyone’s favorite Randy.


Pictures of the trunk and hood emblem/badges. Also, in these pictures we have dave and randy finishing assembly of the engine.


Recently we received the rims back from being blasted and painted. We got them painted black and they look really good. Also we finally received the Toyota connecting rod for the engine and the pistons are going in!!! AND we have a picture of Trish mounting the new tires on the rims.

A shot of Melanie in the Parts Department looking up parts for the Celica. Then we have Randy, the Toyota master tech overseeing the project who is really happy about everything!


Randy and don working on the engine, taking measurements off the engine block which was cleaned in a hot tank by our friends at ray shultens ford. The engine will be going back together slowly, we did find a bad connecting rod and will be getting one through Toyota the first week of January.


Here we have Toyota technician david curl replacing the rear brakes shoes, wheel cylinders and shocks. Then rebuilding the front suspension with new struts and new brake pads as well as refinishing the rotors and repacking the wheel bearings. It is amazing the amount of new genuine Toyota parts still available for this rig. While the shocks and struts came from our friends down at The Dalles Auto Parts and the wheel cylinders came from more friends over at The Dalles Napa. Most parts are coming right from Toyota. Really cool!

The old rims before being sent out to be refinished.


Working on getting the engine replaced.